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Is Arjun and Sonakshi the new lovebirds of B Town ?

Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha

The Bollywood is not short of lovebirds, though most of them want to remain low profile, whether it is the case of Ranbir and Katrina or the Deepika and Ranvir Singh. No one loves to confess about his or her serious relationship. This is the reason the media or the rumour mills has to monitor the signs and symptoms cooking between the two opposite sex stars. These simply indicate the fire and buzz about two opposite sex actors in Tinsel Town. This time, it’s the case of the 2 States actor – Arjun Kapoor and the Dabang girl – Sonakshi Sinha. As per the traditions, the two actors of Bollywood have not yet revealed anything about their relationship, so nothing official about it, yet considering a couple of signs and acts of these two for each other, you can really make out that there is something really cooking inside. You can certainly call both Arjun and Sonakshi into love, let us find out how?

The Movie Dates

Both Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi are seen coming together on a number of movie dates together. Whether it happens to be any special film screening or some international releases, the two are catching up their companies at different movies. This simply means that they love to spend time together, which compels them to find reasons to be together. A strong sign though to make out what’s cooking between the two.

A Secret time together in Turkey

The two were spotted in the world’s most beautiful city called Istanbul of Turkey by their fans wherein they were seen enjoying their secret holiday recently. According to one of their fans who tweeted over his microblogging site – Twitter, the duo was seen having their secret vacation in an alien country. However, with huge popularity of Bollywood, they were noticed by their fans, which even compelled the Dabang girl to hide her face simply to avoid getting caught by anyone known to them.

No More Shahid now

As it was rumoured that Sonakshi was seen dating Shahid Kapoor while doing the movie R … Rajkumar and during its release time, but as per the sources, she has moved on and so is Shahid, thus the two are not hanging out anymore. The buzz regarding these two were on surge when Shahid Kapoor was celebrating his birthday while the Dabang girl was the first one to wish this man. Also, Sona was quick to praise the performance of Shahid in his latest movie Haider over the Twitter. But between all these, the fact is she has linked out from the actor on the cordial note.

Sona’s fan is Arjun’s sister

That gives Arjun the approval of his sister for the lady Sonakshi. Though his sister Anshula is his younger sibling, yet her approval is a big deal for the 2 States actor. Anshula is a big fan of Sona, which makes things simple for Arjun, while the trio too were seen together during the movie release.

They are together on Tevar

Both Arjun and Sonakshi are busy shooting for their upcoming movie called Tevar, however, as per reports, the two are seen spending loads of time together. This has helped the two coming closer to each other, which makes them a perfect lovebird of Tinsel Town.

Wrapping up

The above signs simply show how Arjun and Sona have entered into their serious relationship. Even though they are yet to give any official statement about the same, the fact of the matter is they are the new emerging lovebirds of B Town. Keep on catching their stories soon on JB.

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