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Haider – Bang Bang First Weekend – Crosses 50 Crores by Bangbang

Peaking movies of the week ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Haider, these two movies are like catching upcoming some un explainable response from the audience and luckily released in the holiday weekend however, on the other hand both the movies seems to be clashing one on one with each other but the battle seems to be one sided of course in favor of ‘Bang Bang despite both the movie makers got a tremendous response from B town just before the release of the movies.

Coming to both the movies one by one, let’s start with Bang Bang first, I guess we are quite familiar with the trending promos and tracks that lifted up the floor and actually created a boom amongst the fans and audience however, if we talk about the movie then it revolves around stealing a world famous stone ‘Kohinoor’ which is smartly stolen by Hrithik Roshan as ‘Rajveer’, and in response to this story the movie had just blast the box office collection by crossing 28Crores in just one day, and continuing the stunning response the movie had shockingly crossed 50Crores in just two days of its release, just think about these peaks and imagine will Bang Bang cross 80Crores in the end of weekend? Yes, for sure!

So, coming to ‘Haider’ a much awaited movie that was spreading over the B town like a fragrance of pleasant flowers, a comeback for ‘Shahid Kapoor’ via ‘Haider’, however if we talk about the movie then the movie revolves around a murder of Shahid Kapoor as ‘Haider’s’ father by his uncle who get married by his mother and for whom ‘Haider’ takes a revenge. Overall here the story seems to be somewhat similar to a confusing level but had impressed the audience as the one day collection of the movie finally crossed 6Crores but shockingly the movie just crossed 13Crores in two days. I believe you might have guessed the overseas collection of ‘Haider’ in the end of weekend don’t you? In fact we are expecting that the movie will cross at least 30Crores till the end of weekend.

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  1. It is shame that Haider is overshowed by Bang Bang. Don’t we Indians have an iota of respect for art and intelligence for logic. Could we ever match Katerina with Tabbu or may I say acting prowess of Hritik with Irfan or Shahid.

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