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Gulshan Devaiah praises OTT, justifies it saying he isn’t an anti-theatre actor

Gulshan Devaiah, has been receiving praises for his role in Taapsee Pannu starrer ‘Blurr‘ and the reviewers have called it his best-performance ever. The actor received similar feedback for his previous release, Duranga.

Blurr and Duranga were both mystery dramas. However, Gulshan Devaiah claims that this does not confine him to one area. He states, “Currently, I have a desire to be well-known and successful in different genres. I think there should be a variation so that I am happy knowing that there are diverse tasks in my profession.”

The actor feels Cinema needs to adapt to current changes

Surprisingly, two of them were digitally released on Zee5. According to Gulshan, streaming services are transforming the way film is operated in India for the better. He states, Cinema needs to adapt a better method. Its marketing strategy comprises two aspects. One is public relations and publicity about numbers, and no one knows how real or fake that is, or how much they manipulate these figures. The second is that the movie business model is extremely competitive. Estimating costs and sharing profits are also something. It is a challenging concept since you must make a lot in three days and then complain about it so that your first week remains consistent.
As an actor, he feels that the present system of box office concentration can be a threat for the team during the first weekend. “For those three days, you and your film are in imminent danger Perhaps, there are some wonderful films that people enjoy. However, they do not have a houseful for the first three days.

Because the statistics are now public, the opportunity is critical. However, people fail to analyse that scenario. It is satisfactory if your film has a limited release in 500 theatres and earns 1.5 crore. It’s unfair to compare it to releases with around 3000 screens. However, the viewer is unaware of these subtleties. This is now a medium of promotion.”

Gulshan Devaiah says THIS about OTT platform

He feels that there is no pressure on streaming platforms as of now. He states, “The focus on views and whatnot is not so much on OTT these days. Who knows what the future holds. Then a sword will be hanging over your head regarding how many hours of views it received on the first day and how many new subscribers it received. All of this will happen at some point. But there is no pressure on this right now.”

Gulshan appreciates OTT, but stresses that he is not an anti-theatre actor. “I enjoy going to the movies. The pleasure of seeing a film on the huge screen in a theatre must never cease. One should also consume OTT media on smaller displays. But it doesn’t imply the cinematic experience has to come to an end. They should run in parallel. They can benefit from one another.”

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