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Gorgeous Alia Bhatt & Ileana D’Cruz Sizzling The Cover of Grazia and Verve Magazine Covers

Alia Bhatt & Ileana D’Cruz

Many a times you might have seen almost all of the celebs smashing the cover magazines alone isn’t? Hold on, to create something really stunning and uniqueness amongst the Bollywood fans.The two gorgeous celebs namely Alia Bhatt and the alluring Ileana D’Cruz are coming up together but with different look and of course with a stunning attitude on magazine covers.

Let’s have a look on the cutieee chic, Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt grazia

With the magnifying looks it does seems like she may hurt some young hearts, often named as a crazy star but surely a queen of young hearts. Talking about the cover of Grazia Magazine then, here she’s exploring her looks in pure black attire.

 Coming on to the nookyy Ileana D’Cruz

Ileana D’Cruz verve

A blushing cum renowned celeb who’s often seems firing on the news portals eventually finally grabbed a hitting pose on the cover magazine of Verve, wherein her attire is just like anything to almost kill a young guys, why don’t you have a look here..

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