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GHKPM: Sai is shattered, Pakhi lashes out at Virat for hugging her

Television’s leading show GHKPM (Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein) has always managed to keep the show’s loyal viewers glued to their seats with its amazing storyline. The latest track shows how Virat comes to know that his son Vinayak is alive and is none other than his adopted kid, Vinu. He gets excited to reveal this to Sai.

However, a major turn occurs when Pakhi suffers uterine damage and learns that she can never conceive a child. Knowing this, Virat chooses not to disclose the truth to Sai, as Pakhi and Vinayak are close and they may be separated by her if she learns the truth.

Virat’s heart breaks seeing Sai in such distress, yearning for her lost child. However, he is determined to hide the truth from her.

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Virat to lie that Vinu is dead in GHKPM upcoming episode

Yes! Virat will tell Sai that their son Vinu is no more, leaving her devastated. Hearing his words, she becomes teary-eyed and shattered, and he tries to comfort her by hugging her.

Next, Bhavani humiliates Sai and orders her to stay away from the Chavan family. This time Sai gives a befitting response to her shutting her mouth. Pakhi will also take a dig at Virat for hugging Sai, as she isn’t aware of anything.

What more drama will happen in GHKPM? Will the truth come out, or will Sai never know about his son and endure the pain? Stay tuned to find out!

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