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Ghayal Once Again – Movie Review

Ghayal Once Again – Movie Review

Predictable Story giving the feel of the films of eighties dealing with good and evil war

One of the much hyped films of 2016 is Ghayal Once Again is releasing this Friday after getting delayed after the release. This action film is a sequel of 1990 based hit film called Ghayal and started the same juncture where it concluded. The film though was scheduled to release last year in November, however, it got delayed for the shooting delays. The film has Sunny Deol, Om Puri, Shivam Patil, Aanchal Munjal, Soha Ali Khan, Narendra Jha and Tisca Chopra in lead and supporting role. The film is directed and written by Sunny Deol, while it is produced by Dharmendra under the banner of Vijayta Films, while the music has been given by talented trio music directors – Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Interestingly, Sunny Deol hired Dan Bradley from Hollywood for the action sequences in the film.


The story deals with four young students from the prestigious college based in Bombay. They lead a carefree and simple life busy enjoying their lives making things light. Amidst all, the group of four encounters a towering and powerful man from the society – Raj Bansal played by Narendra Jha making them the victim out of his power and ego when they incidentally records a murder carried out by powerful man’s group . Ajay Mehra played by Sunny Deol who is out after serving his life sentence starts his newspaper Satyakam. Soon, he earns a good fan flowing among the youth including these four fiends. The editor comes to their rescue liberating them the influence of this powerful man who is being supported by his senior. The film is a war waged against the evil and the powerful and way out to this. The film has loads of action since it’s a war between good and the evil.

Script Analysis

The film is all about the war between good and the evil, which makes a typical Sunny Deol film wherein he is seen handling such issues in his own style and action. Interestingly, the film has one of the best action thanks to the Hollywood guy hired for this, however, in terms of story and content, there is not much to deliver. Perhaps while catching up the film you gets a gleam of the eighties film specifically the ones carried out the actor (Sunny) alone. So, there is nothing much creative about the film as it is established in the age old film, which he has been working. Plus making a sequel of such an old hit film seems something really surprising. Sunny has his own ways of seeing this world and B Town and hardly comes out from his shell to think out of the box. In a sense you have a film, which is predictable and one man show kind of movie, which hold not much of water over the box office.

Star Performances

Sunny though is a good actor, however, he has his own brand of doing things, be it action, acting or even direction. In this sequel, he has loads of role to play, right from playing the central character in the film to the hat of director and writer, has many things to do. And as said, jack of all is master of none; the similar goes the story with this film. Sunny was awesome in his action mode, but most of the time, he is seen yelling and screaming as usual with caring about the other elements of the film. However, the real magic seemed the youngsters particularly Shivam Patil as Rohan and Aanchal Munjal as Anushka. Let’s not forget the veteran Om Puri in the role of senior cop in the film apart from actors like Tisca Chopra and the man in the negative role – Narendra Jha, they too remained good.

Direction, Music, Screenplay, editing and Technical Elements

There is nothing new in the job of direction, Sunny is as usual in filmmaking skills, though he managed to steal the show for the action sequences thanks to the Hollywood action guy – Dan Bradley. He hatches the egg the very same way unlike the way he did previous, so there is hardly anything fresh and new to be seen and experienced in the film. The other elements like screenplay, music and technical elements remained above average, shaping up the entertainment value of the film to some extent.

Ghayal Once Again – Last

The film seems to be a waste of time considering the predictable kind of story and monotonous performance by Sunny Deol. However, if you are his fan and love to catch some unusual actions sequences in the film, then it shouldn’t be missed by you for sure. Now, looking at the film critically the film has not much to deliver and may not interest you unless you happen to his fan. This doesn’t really raise the rating of the film.

Rating – 2.5*

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  1. I agree with all you guys, person giving 2.5 stars and saying is waste of time. Wow makes it so obvious not to believe these reviewers.
    Well i will watch it – because I know it will be extreme ride that i will enjoy.
    Deols rulz

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