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Funny Reactions on Twitter About Sanju Trailer

As the maker of the film Sanju, Rajkumar Hirani revealed the first trailer for his upcoming movie this on Wednesday, we saw a huge reaction coming from different quarters of the film industry. Many applauded the film for the performance of Kapoor lad who is playing the central role of Sanjay Dutt in the biopic, while others on the microblogging were busy making meme and jokes about the film. In fact, the Twitter is always looking for such opportunities when people can troll and have fun for any movie. After getting some laughing stock for the film Race 3 trailer just a week back, we now have the social media addicts getting locked in the social media. Sanju has Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role while it has a good start cast including Sonam Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Anushka Sharma, and Manisha Koirala to name a few. Though a number of people seemed happy and ecstatic about the trailer, others seemed coming out with humorous jokes and memes about the movie. Let’s check how people on the Twitter reacted about the movie.

No Intervention only Payroll


Since we know Sanjay Dutt has often come out from the jail on payroll while serving the imprisonment, a user at Twitter said that the film will not have an interval but a payroll. We know many people objected about it and his payroll applications have made headlines, hence such a Tweet seemed too relevant to his character.

Audience Taken for a ride

It is the audience who is often seen taking for a ride. Another Tweet said that today we have Sanju, tomorrow we will have Sallu and at the end of the day the audience will become ullu.

Sonam Gets her Mangalsutra

The Mangalsutra issue of Sonam was in the troll when the lady was seen wearing in her hand so when the Sanju trailer had a special mangalsutra in the movie, it turned out to be a laughing stock for the lady over the microblogging site.

Sanju is no Vijay Mallya

Now, this one is interesting which compares Dutt with Mallya. Someone said in his tweet on behalf of Sunil Dutt that his son is not Vijay Mallya who will never return.

The Imprisonment

The release of the actor from the Yerwada jail had a funny tagline that said when parents allow kids to play after the exam.

Wrapping up

Well, there are many more to discuss and unveil, which one you know comment to let us know about them. So, what do you think about these meme and funny tweets, do let us know and share your favorite one as well. Right, you never know you have something interesting for you.

Manoj L


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