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Fukrey 3 vs. Chandramukhi 2 vs. The Vaccine War: Box Office Day 1 Advance Booking Update – Fukra Gang Gears Up to Amaze

After the success of Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan, three new films are set to hit theaters this Thursday: Fukrey 3, The Vaccine War, and Chandramukhi 2. Fukrey 3 is a Bollywood comedy sequel, while The Vaccine War is a thriller based on a true story. Chandramukhi 2 is a Tamil horror film that will also be released in Hindi. With just one day to go before their release, all three films have seen decent advance booking.

Fukrey 3 is the most anticipated of the three, with early buzz suggesting that it is a hilarious and entertaining film. The Vaccine War is also generating interest, with many curious to see how the film tells the story of India’s development of a COVID-19 vaccine. Chandramukhi 2 is a sequel to the popular Tamil horror film Chandramukhi, and is expected to do well in Tamil-speaking markets.

Fukrey 3 and Chandramukhi 2, both sequels to successful films, are leading the way in advance booking for their opening day. Fukrey 3, in particular, is generating a lot of buzz and excitement. It has already sold tickets worth 1.04 crores gross nationwide (excluding blocked seats), and is expected to have a strong start at the Indian box office.

This is likely due to a number of factors, including the popularity of the first two films, the strong cast, and the positive reviews that the film has received from critics. It remains to be seen how The Vaccine War will perform at the box office, but it is also a highly anticipated film. It is based on the true story of India’s development of a COVID-19 vaccine, and features a talented cast that includes Vivek Oberoi, Nana Patekar, and Pallavi Joshi. So, the overall story seems to be good. It is a good time to be a film fan in India, with a variety of films to choose from.

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