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First week box office collection of Fulgy and Chal Bhaag

Fulgy and Chal Bhaag movie box office

Last week five different movies were seen hitting the theaters, however, only two are worth discussing. First comes Fugly and next comes Chal Bhaag. Fugly against all odds was seen doing better over the box office. Despite the negative reviews coming from most of the reviewers except one or two, the movie fared well over the box office. Fugly was seen hitting more than 1100 screen in India, though performance wise as compared to Holiday, its lagging behind yet in terms of other movies it has well. As per estimate the movie till now has collected around 11 crore, which is not bad as far as the review and new comers in the movie is concerned. First day collection went 2.5 crore, while the recent one has around 1 crore, which makes an okay figure for the movie as far as comparing with the other movies are concerned.

The other release Chal Bhaag was a big disaster, which simply went out of control. Though the story line was okay but the director failed to have the right grip on the movie. Similar was the story of music, cast, editing and other vital aspects of movie. Overall the movie was very much dull to watch thus turning out to be a total washout over the box office. As per estimate, the movie in its initial days was able to reap around 15 -20 lakhs. As of now the figure is somewhere close to 30 lakhs, which is really a very depressing figure for the creators of the movie. However, the movie was seen doing better than the rest of the movies including the Machlli Jal Ki Rani Hai and Unforgettable. As of now, Fugly seems to be doing well, but it comes after Holiday considering the star value of Akshay Kumar and an okay kind of story in it.

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