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First Review of Merry Christmas! Katrina Kaif & Vijay Sethupathi Set to Kickstart 2024 Box Office with an Exciting Surprise

Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi’s upcoming film “Merry Christmas” is poised to hit theaters on January 12. A special screening for film luminaries garnered high praise, with viewers lauding the film’s gripping narrative and exceptional performances, a signature of Sriram Raghavan’s repertoire.

The film’s viewers are effusive in their accolades, with some applauding Katrina’s portrayal, while others commend Vijay’s performance. Consensus suggests that “Merry Christmas” embodies the quintessential Sriram Raghavan-style thriller.

Amidst a landscape dominated by box office juggernauts and cinematic revolutions, the film’s reception remains an intriguing prospect. Twitter is abuzz with reactions, offering a glimpse into the film’s impact. Here are five noteworthy reactions that may influence your decision to watch the film on January 12.

Distinct from Andhadhun An insightful viewer cautions against comparing “Merry Christmas” to Sriram Raghavan’s previous blockbuster, “Andhadhun.” The film is described as a slow-burning mystery drama that unfolds gradually, culminating in a captivating climax. The tweet emphasizes the need to invest in the narrative, as Raghavan adeptly holds the audience’s intrigue until the final act.

Anticipation for the Pinnacle Expressing a desire to delve into the heart of the story, a viewer notes the film’s deliberate pacing and the ease with which Vijay Sethupathi and Katrina Kaif inhabit their roles. The narrative draws inspiration from a French novel, and Sriram Raghavan’s meticulous approach gradually builds towards a gripping sequence.

A Nod to Alfred Hitchcock Renowned Tamil filmmaker Vignesh Shivan lauds Sriram Raghavan for evoking the essence of Alfred Hitchcock’s cinema, citing Pritam’s music as a significant element. The film’s final 30 minutes are hailed as a standout, underscoring the director’s ability to captivate and enthrall the audience.

Katrina Kaif’s Spotlight One viewer describes “Merry Christmas” as a showcase for Katrina Kaif, while another asserts that the film strikes a harmonious balance between the two leads. The chemistry between Vijay Sethupathi and Katrina Kaif is lauded, propelling the narrative from a compelling first half to a riveting conclusion.

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