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First Day Box office Collection Trip to Bhangarh and Identity Card

Trip Bhagarh and identity card

Box Office Report : Trip Bhangarh and Identity Card Both the movies have unknown and new faces except the hot siren Poonam Pandey in the former and Tia Bajpai in the latter. Well, talking about the movie Trip To Bhangarh, it is a horror movie with the same usual content found unlike in the earlier horror movies. The same haunted places being encountered by the group of young professionals coming out for a trip.

As expected, the occupancy for the movie in the morning shows really was below par, with maximum going up to 15 percent. While nothing much is expected in the evening shows, since the movie has not much to showcase. Even the presence of sizzling Poonam Pandey will not make any difference here as the script of the movie is really not new and interesting. So the figures at the end of the day at first day would reach around 50 to 60 lakhs, while similar would be the story in the first weekend box office collection for Trip to Bangarh.

Next movie comes in the form of Identity Card, starring Tia Bajpai and Shoaib Kazmi. The movie is an issue based film based on Kashmir,  which is basically a satire and not about terrorism alone. The kind of issues the problem of Kashmir has created is being depicted in the said movie very nicely by its director Rahat Kazmi. Content wise, the movie is strong, you can even find some exceptional performance from the cops of Special Task Force, however, this subject usually makes the movie a niche film, giving limited crowd.

Hence as per reports, the occupancy rate went to around 20 percent the maximum, especially at the north and certain other parts of Central India. The figure with such occupancy rate would toll to around 60-70 lakhs on the day one, which makes it slightly better than the movie Trip Bangarh. Similar would be the story at the first week collection as well for this movie. Hence the first weekend collection for Identity Card would toll to around 1.5 crore. Let’s see how things unfold the day and the first weekend passes for the movie.

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