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First Day Box Office Collection Rocky Handsome & Batman Vs Superman

Rocky Handsome & Batman V Superman

Rocky Handsome & Batman Vs Superman 1st Day Opening Collection

This Friday we have just one major release in B Town called Rocky Handsome. However, at the other hand, we have a Hollywood flick as well, which has come in the form of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Comparing the two, the latter is likely to rake a good collection than the others. As far as the film Rocky Handsome is concerned, the film has a limited amount of screens in the paid previews that collected around 1.50 crores approximately, while the Hollywood flick was able to draw around 3.75 crores.

Looking around the morning occupancy report, the film tolled around 25 to 30 percent of occupancy, which went on accelerating in the evening to night shows.As per reports, the first day box office report of Rocky Handsome tolls to around 1.84 crores.On the other side, the Hollywood called Batman V Superman has opened in a decent fashion with an occupancy tolling to around 50 to 55 percent. And it went on increasing with the passing shows from evening to the nights.

Thus the message is clear and loud, once again the Hollywood flick seems to be better and smarter in terms of collection as compared to the B Town ones. When you find the Rocky Handsome targeting the single screens and small centers, the Batman V Superman has targeted the multiplexes, which gives the edge to this film as compared to the others. As per reports, the first day box office collection of Batman V Superman tolled to around 8 crores. The Good Friday Holiday seems to have helped both the films.

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