Finelly Debute film of Prashant A. Shiroor after 12years of struggle

Prashant A. Shiroor was born on 13th Dec 1988 and brought up in Latur, Maharashtra. Prashant is not only an individualistic filmmaker but also an enthusiastic Lyricist, Writer, Director, Illustrator, Editor, and Producer known for his splendid work in various cinemas like Marathi and Kannada.

Prashant is a brilliant student and scored a grade in class 10th, soon he perceived that setting off a doctor or engineering as a profession with his physics and chemistry knowledge is even more difficult as some face to solving the problem in those subjects. As working-class people or middle-class parents dream about their child with options like Doctor or engineer or A grade officer. Prashant’s Childhood love for make-believe and storytelling grew into a fascination for cinema and he decided to become a filmmaker and at the age of 18, It’s a cognitive age when youngsters panic about their future, he was done with his high school exams, he brought out his first short novel “Janhavi”. This novel created a buzz among the readers. Graduating from Fergusson college of Pune with a bachelor’s degree in science and he believes that after reading the success stories of Madhur Bhandarkar, he has alluded to “films” more. He told his phrase “when people ask me, if I went to film school, I tell them “No”, I went to films”.As a phrase of Quentin Tarantino.

Prashant Shiroor
Prashant Shiroor

He started getting visions about the directions of the film. As soon as he perceived he moved to Mumbai and started working for famous television serials like “Kulvaddhu”, “Mazia priyala prit kalena”, “Aai”, “Char Diwar”, “vivah bandhan”, “bandh Resache”, ” Laxmi vs Saraswati” as assistant and associated director in his 12 years of aspiring work experience. Soon he picked up the technique and along with work, he learnt few film editing sofwares as well. After that he worked for Kannada cinema-like “Karthik”; Marathi cinema-like “ek tara”, “Rampat”, “Picasso”.

Prashant always admits he picked up a lot of knowledge from Director Mahesh Jagade, Ravi Karmalkar, Jayant Pawar, even from aspiring film directors like Avdhoot Gupta, Ravi Jadhav and Abhijeet Mohan Warang, whose film ‘Picasso” got a national award in last March announcement. Recently, he got enormous experience by working in the first AD in film “Dejavu” and along with that he announced his short film “kata”, which is based on vivid psychology. Prashant has numerous projects in development including short films ” astha”, “Ani buddhi”, “The Artist”, “mi” and he is soon planning to debut as a director in Marathi cinema with marvelous and amazing Pre Production work, This Debut Film is untitled till he confirms his next announcement.

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