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Finally Priyanka Apologizes for the magazine cover photograph

Jeetu Likhar




Days after the controversy turned bad to worse the leading lady of Quantico – Priyanka Chopra was seen apologizing for hurting the sentiments of people unknowingly. The Indian actress who is not less than the global icon was seen getting featured in the known magazine called Conde Nast Traveller with a T Shirt wearing the word Refugee, Outsider, Immigrant and finally a tick against the word Traveller.

The actress who is doing her debut in Hollywood with the movie Baywatch was seen embarking with the message saying that the magazine had asked to wear the said T shirt since they wanted to address the xenophobia, which is one of the major issues there in the west. In fact she said this to the leading TV channel in India called NDTV in an interview she said that she apologetic about the uproar.

The Bajirao Mastani actress was recently named in the Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential people apart from becoming the ambassador for the UN children’s agency set by the group UNICEF. She said that the message actually addressed the issue of racism was seen being misunderstood. Earlier the magazine had defended about the same but when things went out of control the 34 year actress had to come out to apologize.

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