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Catch Raakh Trailer (Short Film) featuring Vir Das, Richa Chadha & Shaad Randhawa

After releasing the initial posters of the short film called Raakh, the makers of the film have released the trailer of the same. It features all the leading actors including Richa Chanda, Vir Das and Shaad Randhawa in the released trailer.

As you check the trailer, is says an abandoned basement in the middle of nowhere, not a soul around for miles. You find the door being boarded from inside while the captive nailed and chained. A captor is seen with pain, vengeance and rage in the heart, while the dead wife’s videos are projected over the walls asking if the captive innocent.

The overall picture of the trailer seems to be scary and tough, which as you check the same would realize a lot. One can even call it to be a cat and rat game between the leading men of the short film, in other words they define in few words revenge has no mercy and evil will burn.

How about catching up the trailer for the short film called Raakh, which is releasing on 7th November as under:


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