Monday, November 29, 2021
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Farhan Akhtar 5 Cr donation demand denial irks MNS

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar is back in news and this time for rejecting the idea of MNS to pay 5 crores to Indian Army as donation for releasing his movie. The actor who has his next venture called Raees with Shah Rukh Khan has plainly denied giving any money to anyone as demanded by the fanatic group like MNS to release his movie in the theatres.

As per the media reports, the MNS Cine Wing said that let the release date of the movie closer then we will look into the matter. He then said where were these people when the decision of donating the money was taken and now waking up from their deep slumber will make no difference. He then questioned as to why Indian filmmakers are often keen to pay Pak based actors and denying to pay any money to Indian Army.

The film Raees has been on the target of MNS for having the Pak based actress Mahira Khan in it. The movie has demanded a lot about the films that are paying to Pak artists for making any film along with paying the sum of money of 5 Cr to Army Welfare Funds as the atonement charge. However, the makers of the film along with SRK have denied paying any such money as they call themselves to be an tax paying people of the government.

In fact, the very idea of paying 5 Cr money as the Indian Army as atonement charges have been rejected by the Indian Army and the patrons of the same. Yet the fanatic group has been playing politics in the name of welfare of Army. On the other side the right reason to reject this idea by Farhan Akhtar is that the Indian Army will not accept such money hence they will not pay for the same.

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