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Farah Khan Criticizes Excessive Entourage Costs of Stars: ‘Bringing Along Nine People for One Actress is Unnecessary

Farah Khan was forthright in her discussion about the escalating entourage costs in the film industry, where a single actor is accompanied by a team of at least nine people on set. On the latest episode of Twin Encounter on the Chinki Minki YouTube channel, Farah candidly expressed her views on the evolving Bollywood landscape and the change she would like to implement. When asked to comment on the changes she has observed in the industry,
Farah first highlighted the positive aspects, noting that the industry is much more organized now. People are punctual, and a studio system has been established. ‘It has become very clinical’ On the flip side, Farah said, “The negative change is that the industry previously relied heavily on relationships. If I needed something, I would call the actor directly. Now, the process is you first meet the manager’s assistant, then the manager, and finally, the agency. So, it has become very clinical.
The interpersonal relations have suffered as a result of this.” Farah then addressed the change she wishes to bring about in the industry, stating, “I think the entourage cost has skyrocketed. An actress brings nine people along, and an actor brings eight. That is a waste of resources. This doesn’t reflect in the film. It’s the cost. I think that needs to be controlled a bit. It takes a toll on the producers.” Farah Khan’s renowned film, Main Hoon Na, recently marked its 20th anniversary since release.
“Back then, actresses would use trees as makeshift changing rooms, and we would hold towels for them. I have been a part of this. During outdoor shoots, even in places like Switzerland, they would change behind buses, using bedsheets for privacy. Now, actors won’t even consider moving until their caravan vans arrive,” she added. Farah Khan recently showcased her choreography skills in the song Naina from the movie Crew, starring Kareena Kapoor, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon.

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