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Aamir Khan’s Sitaare Zameen Par Ends Delhi Shoot Early Due to Expenses; Raid 2 Moves Filming from Delhi to Lucknow Amid Rising Costs: Report

Aamir Khan is set to spread Christmas cheer this year with his upcoming film, Sitaare Zameen Par. This highly anticipated project aims to be both emotionally impactful and entertaining. Returning to socially conscious cinema, Khan takes on the challenges and triumphs of individuals with Down syndrome in this adaptation of the Spanish sports dramedy, Campeones. Directed by RS Prasanna, filming for Sitaare Zameen Par commenced earlier this year, and the movie is scheduled for a Christmas release. The film revolves around Khan’s character, a determined yet compassionate basketball coach. As part of his community service, he is assigned to lead a Special Olympics basketball team composed of talented individuals with diverse learning disabilities.

Early reports suggest that the narrative will revolve around the Paralympic Games, a prestigious international sporting event for differently-abled athletes. Initially, the plan was for the actor and the team to shoot in New Delhi. However, there has been a twist. Filming in the capital city has become considerably expensive. According to Hindustan Times, permits for shooting at iconic locations like the Rajiv Chowk metro station or the international airport come with substantial price tags. Consequently, the Delhi schedule for Sitaare Zameen Par has been significantly reduced. Originally planned for a month, the shoot will now be condensed into 8-10 days in July. To stay within budget, the team will likely recreate certain Delhi scenes in alternate locations such as Lucknow or Madhya Pradesh.

A source previously revealed that the film was intended to extensively feature Delhi’s iconic locations, including Lal Qila (Red Fort), Lodhi Garden, Purani Dilli (Old Delhi), and Tyagraj Stadium. “The schedule is set for one month, between May and June. The children will participate in various Paralympic Games for the shoot,” the source said. However, due to logistical considerations, the decision was made to shoot in various parts of Delhi, as transporting all the children to the NCR regions was deemed impractical. Directed by RS Prasanna, Sitaare Zameen Par began filming in February 2024 and is scheduled for release in theaters by Christmas.

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