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Farah Khan apologizes for hurting religious sentiments

Farah Khan

At Christmas, Sonu Jafar, president of the Christian Front of Ajnala block, filed a case against Raveena Tandon, director-choreographer Farah Khan, and comedian Bharti Singh for allegedly hurting religious sentiments of a community in a comedy show.

Now, director-choreographer Farah Khan apologized while giving an explanation on her social media account and said that she is deeply saddened by the whole sentence. She wrote, “I am very sad that some recent episodes of my show hurt some feelings inadvertently. I respect all religions and it was not my intention to disrespect anyone. I sincerely apologize on behalf of the entire team, Raveena Tandon, Bharti Singh and myself. “

Sonu Jaffer, president of Christian Front of Ajnala block, alleged that “religious sentiments of Christians have been hurt”, and presented video footage of the show aired on Christmas Eve. Allegedly, the three celebrities made fun of the word hallelujah in the show “Back Benchers”.

Following the complaint, Raveena clarified that it was not her purpose to insult anyone. The actress, while sharing the original clip of the show on Twitter, had urged viewers to “Please see this link.”

She further wrote that “I have not said any such word, which can be interpreted as an insult to any religion.” The three of us Farah Khan, Bharti Singh and I never intended to offend anyone, but if people have been hurt by our saying something, then I apologize to them. “

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