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Family Katta Movie Review

Family Katta Marathi Movie Review

Rating : ★★★

This Friday, the M Town too has a bus Friday as one can find two movies releasing on the same day. This certainly includes Family Katta, which is a family drama. The film is produced by Vandana Gupte under the banner of Sister Concern Entertainment while it is directed by Chandrakant Kulkarni. The film has a long list of actors in it including Vandana Gupte herself in the lead role along with Sai Tamhankar, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Kiran Karmarkar, Prateeksha Lonka, Alok Rajwade, Gauri Nalawade, Sanjay Khapre and Sulekha Talwalkar in the lead and supporting roles. The story, screenplay and dialogues comes from the pen of Prashant Dalvi, while the music is composed by Mangesh Dhakade. Well, time to dig in deep into the film and get the crux of Family Katta as under:

Family Katta : The story

The film can be called as Family Katta as the name suggests is a family drama, which has a big family all scattered in the different parts of the world. The head of the family is Mr. and Mrs Sabnis  (Vandana Gupte & Dilip Prabhawalkar) who are the central character of this movie while they have three sons Kiran Karmarkar, Sanjay Khapre & Sachin Deshpande all are living in different cities & have their own children (Alok Rajwade & Gauri Nalawade) who are enjoying their stable career there. In the family you have the fourth child as well called Manju (Sai Tamhankar) who is very much disconnected from the family as she went against the will of her family to marry her boyfriend during her college days. So you have a family reunion which comes at the backdrop of the 50th marriage anniversary of Mr & Mrs. Sabnis. However, amidst all this you have something that leaks in the family reunion that has its own implications over the characters of the film. So, what happens next is interesting to explore.

Family Katta : Review

It is a film, which interestingly has loads of things to share and reveal about the family once they meet after a long gap with their family heads celebrating their fifty years of marriage. So, the idea to first allow them to meet on such junctures and then disseminate with one big secret followed by doing a number of other things is not a new idea but can be seen in many B Town and M Town films. However, what goes within is seen varied a lot for a number of reasons. The director who is doing his debut with the film seems to have failed in the idea of storytelling for the reason that he has failed in portraying the plot with a very poor way. In a sense, the director has failed to join the dots the way it deserves to have put across in the film giving nothing much tangible at the end of the day.

Family Katta  : Star Performances

Talking about the performances let’s start with the family head Mr and Mrs. Sabnis which is played by Dilip Prabhawalkar and Vandana Gupte respectively is really worth applauding particularly the latter. The lady actress has simply unleashed her talent the best giving the right shade of emotions over her face and managing a slew of things that remain simply the best. Though the other actors in the film too are par in terms of performance and expressions but the lady playing the character of Manju is simply awesome, she has taken all efforts and time to portray her character the way it deserved the high and the low emotions one can find in her role is simply awesome by the actress.

Now talking about the elements like direction and music, they aren’t par though but one can accept the fact that the film has a debutant director hence it can be considered to some extent. The other elements like music, photography, screenplay and dialogues are okay, which somehow has managed to do justice in boosting up the entertainment value of the film. The editing and technical elements in the film too are par, which can help in giving things in a right shape for the film.

Family Katta Last Words :

Family Katta is no bad film though it has loads of rooms for improvement which could have added loads of edge over  the film. Nevertheless the efforts to make a decent cannot be denied. The film has an interesting title and so is the performance of the lead stars in the film. So considering few flaws and other elements and the plus points the film has in it is justified to give a decent rating.


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