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EXCLUSIVE: “You will see completely new side of my character in this Asur 2” reveals Gaurav Arora

Gaurav Arora plays the role of an antagonist Kesar Bharadwaj in the captivating psychological thriller series Asur, which is a perfect blend of crime and mythology. After three years, makers are now ready with the second season of the show that has gained lot of popularity simply on a word of mouth.

He is receiving good reviews for his performance in the show which also stars Barun Sobti, Arshad Warsi, Riddhi Dogra, Anupriya Goenka and Amey Wagh. In an exclusive chat with Cinetalkers,com Gaurav Arora spilled the beans about what we can expect from his character Kesar Bharadwaj in this second season. “There is gonna be a complete turnaround for my character in this season. You will see an absolutely new side of Kesar in this season”, revealed Gaurav Arora. “You will see him a lot more brutal, a lot more chaotic. In fact, not just my character, everything in this show has gone a notch up for this season in terms of scale of the show, the production, the writing, the performances of the cast everything has gone a notch higher this time around”, said Gaurav.

Gaurav said that his character Kesar Bharadwaj believes that he is the hero of the story “It’s a very powerful character, it takes the story forward. There is a lot of mystery and unpredictability attached to his character. You can say that he is a negative character but in his own heart, he is a hero of the story” ,

Gaurav further revealed that it didn’t take much time for makers to convince him to play this character. “I mean this show and every character in this show is so beautifully written and has such multiple layers even if it’s a negative role, that there was never a question of rejecting this role. I remember the very first time I got the script and they were narrating the story and within like the first 5-10 minutes when my character wasn’t even introduced I said yes to the show” revealed Gaurav.

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In the series, Gaurav is also seen sharing screen with Arshad Warsi and Gaurav is all praise for him “Arshad bhai, he is a fantastic actor. I mean we all have seen his brilliance on the big screen, we all know that he is a very good actor but when you are actually shooting with him when only two of you are in front of the camera, that is when you actually get to experience it from so close” Gaurav further revealed that Arshad Warsi is equally brilliant when he is not in front of the camera, “He does majak-masti with you, makes you laugh. I mean it’s always great to be in his company because you will never get bored”

The second season was shot over 10 months and there were multiple noteworthy moments during the shoot. Gaurav also recalled one memorable moment  from the shoot, “Yes, there is one memorable incident from the shoot because I got injured (laughs). “I was in one of those interrogation  scenes that Arshad bhai and I were filming.  I was supposed to get beat up in one of those scenes. And by some mistake one of the punches actually ended up landing on my face, and I actually started bleeding. And I remember that I just completely blacked out for a few seconds and everyone on the set including our director assumed that I was simply acting and they started praising me for giving such a realistic performance”.

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