Exclusive: Sai Tamhankar talks about BTS, working with Kriti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi and much more while shooting MIMI, Read it all here!

Q: The trailer of Mimi looks amazing, please tell us how you feel about it?

Sai: I feel happy. It is great to be a part of such a great film. The subject is also very important. So all in all I’m just waiting for people to watch it.

Q: The trailer shows everything, there’s fun, emotion, laughter and tears. When you saw the trailer for the first time, what was your reaction to it?

Sai: It is just the tip of the ice burst. People think they have seen everything in the trailer but trust me there are a lot of surprises in the film. 

Q: When films on such important topics are made, there is also a lot of criticism so are you ready to take the criticism?

Sai: I am always prepared for that. I think this is a very important part of my life. Criticism is really important. One must prepare herself for himself to face criticism. And I’m all prepared but I think people will just love it and people also know what’s happening all around us and you know in such situation a fresh humorous and sweet story coming out, everyone is going to be very happy.

Q: How was it on the sets with Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi?

Sai: Well it was very overwhelming. All these actors who I’m working with now were on my bucket list. Pankaj Ji is very sharp and he is a very intelligent actor. He is also very natural to have even learnt a lot of things from him. 

And Kriti, she is a sweetheart. She gives such happy vibes wherever she goes. She makes the entire room happy. She is that kind of person. 

Q: Please tell us something about your character from the film?

Sai: My character’s name is Shama and you know we have that one person in the life whom we tell everything, every single thing that is happening in our life and you know we can call that person any time of the day or night and we can share everything that’s happening in our life. In Mimi’s life, Shama is that person. So yes we can see that Shama is the biggest support system in Mimi’s life. They are sisters more than friends. 

Q: Mimi is skipping the theatrical release and is coming out on the OTT platform so do you think it is the new cinema hall and even after things get normal cinema halls won’t get the footfalls that they used to get earlier?

Sai: Listen, this is just a phase, it’s a very long unpredictable phase. But this is just a phase I mean of course cinema is in our blood.

The fun of watching a cinema in a cinema hall is never going to fade away. It’s just a matter of time, I’m just looking at the brighter side, the film is finally coming out and people are going to watch it. I think that’s more than enough for me right now. Because we are seeing the situation outside, everything is unpredictable for now. I think Jo hai achcha hi hai yaar complain nahin kar sakte. 

Q: What was your reaction when you got to know that your film is not going to theatres but on an OTT platform?

Sai: I was happy that people are going to watch it no matter where it releases. 

Q: You are a well-known actress in the Marathi film industry as well as in the Hindi film industry so do you see any difference between shooting for a Marathi film and for a Hindi film?

Sai: I think the only difference is the budgets. Otherwise, people here are also hard-working people there are also hard-working, there is no difference the passion, the commitment it’s all the same. 

Q: Whenever your film releases in cinema halls are you scared of the box office numbers?

Sai: It’s like a social media burden that we don’t want to take but it automatically happens. 

So I don’t really get entangled in numbers but yeah of course it matters. It’s like a trend now. But I think post covid, a lot of things are going to change. 

Q: As many talks about surrogacy do you think there should be more friends that talk about adoption?

Sai: Why not! Yes, of course. I think it’s a very wonderful thought and I would say ki aapane Idea diya hai agar koi sun raha hoga to please make a movie on it. 

Q: Any funny incident from the shoot that you are taking away with you?

Sai: Oh yes so last three days remaining off the shoot and I had fractured my leg. It was so funny and embarrassing and challenging at the same time. I’m never going to forget that.

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