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EXCLUSIVE: Rakul Preet talks about Runway 34, Ajay Devgn’s direction and also reveals a cute memory with Amitabh Bachchan

Recently in a media interview with Rakul Preet Singh, the actress talked about her upcoming film Runway 34 and a lot of revelations from the shoot of her co-stars.

Talking about Runway 34, the actress said, “The fact that it’s a very different film and it’s not been seen in Indian cinema, I don’t think we had an Indian film which is been an aviation thriller, Ajay Sir directing this, I am getting to work with Amitabh sir and Ajay sir again and doing the role of Tania which is unconventional, very different role very powerful role. I think all these factors lead me to do this film.”

Further, the actress also talked about the training for the role. She said “We took 3-4 days of training, the captain trained us for the cockpit just so that we are very familiar with what the panel looks like and feels like. So I was making a lot of notes and it was like a memory for me. At that point we had workshops to understand the cockpit and we had a captain on the set to guide us through the right language, right shot also.”

Later the Rakul was asked about her experience of working with Ajay Devgn. To which she said, “both the films are very different, so the atmosphere on the set was also very different. De De Pyar De was a very light-hearted commercial film so we could joke around on set but here because he was the director and also the film is not an easy film to shoot, and it required a lot of attention from us a lot of being in the moment. So there was no time to actually converse much because as soon as the take is over sir is setting up the next shot and he is checking everyone’s performance. It’s very difficult what he is pulled off.”

Further talking about working with Mr Bachchan she said, “Of course working with Amit Ji is something that I’ll never forget. And I remember this one day where he gave biscuits to everybody on sets and he looked at me and said Aap toh nahi khayengi, then I said, nahi sir, later while he comes back and he gave me boxes of nuts, three different boxes of nuts and it was so nice like he doesn’t have to do it. In my house, I have nicely kept those boxes aside and my house help who happened to see my shoot told everybody that I have kept it aside saying ki ye Amit Ji ne diya hai.”

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