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Ex contestant of ‘Bigg Boss’, seen without makeup, shared this picture

hina khan before after

If the most famous TV actress is named, then Hina Khan’s name will come first. Hina is also active on the big screen after the TV serial. After participating in ‘Bigg Boss’, Hina managed to break her image of daughter-in-law and her fashion started being discussed everywhere. Right now Hina is at home and is constantly sharing her photos. This time Hina has posted a picture related to the lockdown.

Looking at the picture, it seems that Hina has grown tired of the lockdown. She has posted a photo while walking. This picture was taken when she was walking around her building. Talking about looks, Hina is wearing a pink and black outfit during this time. She has made hair as well as she is without makeup. Hina has shared pictures without makeup many times.

Hina’s look was seen on social media during Eid. Sometimes she wore a salwar suit and sometimes other Indian outfits. Hina Khan was dressed in a traditional dress. Hina also fasted during Ramadan. She also made Biryani special on Eid.

Hina Khan benefited greatly from ‘Bigg Boss’. From here she emerged as a stylish diva. After the show, Hina did a short film for which she reached the Cannes Film Festival last year for screening. Some time ago, Hina shared a post on social media and said that it has been a year since her visit to Cannes Festival.

In the lockdown, Hina is doing all the household work herself. During the cleaning of the bag in the past, Hina found something from which she started crying bitterly. Hina gets a ticket for one of her old trips during cleaning. Seeing which she becomes emotional and tears come in her eyes.

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