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Everyone forgot this blockbuster of 2016 , just the name is enough!

shivaay movie poster

Yes, we are talking about Kamal Hassan’s ‘Vishwaroopam 2’. According to reports, The film will be released this year on the occasion of Diwali, after being postponed again and again.Hmmm … another bump to Ajay devgan’s and Karan johar’s film.

No doubt that the explosion was Kamal Hasan’s film vishwaroop was an explosion and fans are waiting for the sequel holding their hearts. Because of some financial reasons the film had Postpond. But the film is slated to release this year.

Interestingly, like in Shivay, both acting and direction is being done by Ajay devgan. Same way in Vishwaroopam , both the task of acting and directing is being done by Kamal Hassan. Thus, both will not detract anything to make their movie a Blockbuster.

However, between these two films , Karan Johar will face difficulty… no doubt be interesting to see these three films.

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