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I am away from every bad thing … except for women!’ – Salman




salman-khan is away from all bad things except woman

Salman Khan, do not understand when, where and what to say. Statements about the rape on the woman have been making quite a buzz. But in the same interview, the actor also said something which was quite controversial. Salman was asked how he manages his stardom. They are monitored at every moment everything. Then Salman said – I have a mantra that leaves every other bad habit. That is my mantra.

I have given up every bad habit. Betwwen Coffee and cigarettes I quit coffee. Between Cigarettes and liquor I gave up cigarette. Then the liquor left in booze and women. Now after this I shall leave the world. I’ll never leave the movies. Salman was asked that is women a bad habit .Salman responded further – that for women you have to leave everything. Now there is nothing else to leave

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