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Everyone is corrupt says Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is known to make a number of statements, including both the controversial and rational statements. Whether it is about Modi, or America, he has been often known to be a vociferous face of B Town. Aamir Khan is among the few fine actors who really care about the society. In the recent statements of the actor given by the actor in the popular program called Panchayat Aaj Tak telecasted in the news channel of Aaj Tak wherein he was seen talking about corruption at length. This is the place wherein you can posing the same statement.

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Aamir is a man who talked about social causes and his program called Satyamev Jayate, he was seen fighting all about the corruption wherein he called everyone as a corrupt person. He claimed that every human being in person is corrupt as he or she is seen lagging behind in obeying the social and civic duties including invading the taxes and other responsibilities. He further said, it’s not the parliament who is responsible for corruption but everyone in our country. Mr. Perfectionist is seen embarking with the next season of the popular show called Satyameve Jayate. Soon, you would catch him with new issues of society.

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