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Enigma Official HD Video Song 2022 by Sandra N

Latest Enigma, sung by Sandra N. She started her career at 4 when she participated in a music competition for children. The latest hollywood album song from her, Enigma, has been released.

Enigma Official HD Video Song Lyrics –

Please, don’t make me cry 

You don’t deserve my tears 

Cause you are made of fears 

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I could see it in your eyes 

Blue like marbles on the sky, 

Oh I’m missing you so much 

And I always wonder 


Where’d you go my love, enigma, 

I’m feeling lost without ya,  

I feel you when you’re miles away, 

Things I can’t explain 

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Where’d you go my love, enigma, 

So far away from your love,  

I feel you when you’re miles away,  

You are my enigma.. 


Look me in the eyes 

And tell me yes or no 

Should I stay or go 

Don’t play with my mind 

I try to understand 

I’m tired of your games 

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Enigma Hollywood HD Video Song Credit –

Composed: Sandra N., Cristian Tarcea

Produced: Cristian Tarcea, Roberto Done

Arranged: Cristian Tarcea, Roberto Done, Loredan Aniculaesei

Mixed and Mastered: Cristian Tarcea

Video directed: Cristian Tarcea

Video graded: Stefan Padureanu

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