Frankie Quiroz reveals how his fortunes changed after the launch of his clothing brand ‘Tuned in Tokyo’

The life of a young entrepreneur is not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of roadblocks one might face while building an empire from scratch. Putting his heart, blood and sweat, Frankie Quiroz came up with his own brand ‘Tuned in Tokyo’ which is a premium brand of automotive apparel. The brand has been a game changer in his life as has become his first 7-figure clothing company with a massive reach of 1 million followers on Instagram. Besides this, he owns several other clothing brands and has made his investments in several places.

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Things did not come easy to him. He worked hard and achieved his dreams. He was born and brought up in a lower-class family in Riverside, California. Not just this, but he also studied in 14 schools because of the poor financial stability of his family. Despite going through this tough phase, Frankie kept himself motivated and worked towards his goal of becoming rich. He worked at a lot of places until he started his own business. First, he sold shirts and now he is the boss of ‘Tuned in Tokyo’. This man has come a long way and has got 30 people working under him.

While talking about his success as an entrepreneur, he said, “As a kid, I always wondered what made me distinct from others. I discovered the fact of how to make money through different sources. I had no guaranteed business and whatever I have achieved today is because of the mistakes I have earlier made and the people I have met in my life.” The versatile businessman has his businesses spread all over which have reached the target of 8-figures in online sales per year. In the year 2020, Frankie Quiroz is all set to expand his businesses and help other aspiring entrepreneurs build an empire of their own.

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