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Emraan Hashmi opens up on his acting career: “success does not last nor does failure”

Emraan Hashmi opens up about his 18-year-long journey in Bollywood in a chat with IANS said: “It’s been a learning experience. It’s a journey that I have cherished… With highs and lows. Meeting people, working on some fantastic projects. Ever since I took the decision to become an actor, I think it was the best decision.”

Emraan also said he wouldn’t want it any other way. “I never really wanted to be an actor till a year after my college… I graduated and I think it was the best accident of moving into a different territory, otherwise, I was gonna go somewhere else entirely,” he said.

When asked, if how does he pick projects, considering he has featured in a myriad of genres such as political thrillers, drama, romance, comedy, horror, and suspense?

Emraan responded, “Well, (it is the) script. It’s all about the script. It’s all about the passion of the director to make that script and give that script his everything and of course the producer on how their vision is to see it through… And of course the character I am playing, it has to be an interesting character different from what I have done before,”.

Talking about what makes him say no to a project? He responded, “The same thing. If the script does not excite me. It will be a big ‘no’. Nothing else can sway me.”

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