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Emma Watson is saddened by George Floyd’s death, given support in the fight against racism

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Hollywood actress Emma Watson on Wednesday expressed her support in the fight against social injustice and racism following the death of black George Floyd in the US. She shared her thoughts in a written statement on Instagram, where she spoke about discrimination, one-caste domination and the situations she is dealing with.

Emma wrote in her Instagram post that there is too much racism in our past and present, which has been accepted. White supremacy, black exploitation and oppression were tightly woven into society.

Emma said that she benefited from it when she was blonde. She said that many things in society inadvertently support racism. There is a need to work hard externally and internally to deal with it.

The actress said that I can see your anger, sorrow and pain. I don’t know how it feels for you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try. Emma previously supported the blackout.

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