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Elements that producer Sanjana Parmar checks off before selecting a project

Why do we love certain films and disregard others? Well, a lot has to do with the brain boxes and their techniques behind making a film or any project!

Sanjana Parmar, a woman with a creative mind, has produced some projects that are truly worth watching. Seeing her adeptness, we were extremely keen to know what aspects Sanjana stamped down before picking any project.

The producer considers filmmaking a lengthy and exigent process. The first and foremost thing that she observes before producing a film is its story. From Sanjana Parmar’s standpoint, the story is the soul of any project. “May it be a short film, a movie, a series, or a music video, if its plot is not gripping, you are toiling for nothing,” says Sanjana Parmar.

True, isn’t it? Though the film features admired B-Town names, audiences still criticized it for having terrible stories. After ensuring the story, Sanjana Parmar prefers choosing the right envoy for the job. Consider having a solid script but the cast isn’t apt, thus the emotions or the story aren’t represented accurately. Isn’t that unfair?

Sanjana Parmar says, “Choosing the right channel to distribute projects is significant in today’s filmmaking world. Seeing the rise of OTT platforms, several producers are choosing these to release their work, and why not? It’s the most effective way to reach maximum viewers.”

Sanjana Parmar’s passion for entertainment propelled her to lay the foundation of House of Joy Productions. Her work profile entails short films, web series, and also feature films. She has produced multiple short films like Raja Beta, 2 Square, Surprise, etc. Sanjana also produced a rom-com web series titled Suraj Aur Saanjh.

The producer is focusing on diversifying her work profile by including projects from different genres. To be precise, Sanjana Parmar is working on a feature film, one of which is a thriller. She also has several short films, a music video, and a web show in the making.

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