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Drishyam Trailer Review: Ajay Devgn Is Back in The Game

Drishyam Trailer Review

After embarking with an interesting teaser of Drishyam, the filmmakers soon embarked with an intriguing trailer. For murder mysteries it is really vital to create the buzz around the plot and in this perspective the trailer comes out in flying colors. The film is a remake of the Malayalam film with the same title. With building up the elements of intrigue over the plot, the trailer seems to hold utmost importance. The trailer seems scoring good points with Drishyam, which holds your attention as its pace seems too high right from the simple start.

The movie starring Ajay Devgn in the lead role starts off with insight inside the monotonous life of Vijay Salgaonkar who is a Class IV drop out but is married with two kids. He has worked hard for his sustenance to be a cable operator leading a peaceful life with his family until he falls prey as suspect for the murder of Meera Deshmukh‘s (played by Tabu) son who is a top cop in the city. In B Town, you can find a number of remakes doing well, however, with Drishyam, the cast of the film is really different and captivating. Also, its director who is the man behind making films like Force and even the Marathi one called Lai Bhaari enjoys a good track record in the industry. He with his script is able to maintain a sound suspense element in the trailer. This therefore paves the way out to a new genre of family thriller film.

The murder mysteries is B Town may not enjoy the cutting edge, however, this film sounds very much delicious with incredible performances and dialogues. Ajay Devgn who was seen too much disappointing in his last movie Action Jackson is likely to get a good push from this film. He seems very many compelling in his common man avatar. However, the only flip side found in the trailer is the absence of the motivation to commit the crime and what made them enter into such kind of situation is still seems to be missing. No clue seems to be present in the trailer, which indicate that either the family or the man is responsible in perpetrating the crime rather anyone caught in random for any crime in the city. The mystery continues but will it lead to confusion in the film as well unlike the trailer is an important question to raise, which will be only addressed as the film releases.

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