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DJ Ravish Strikes Again with Heartfelt Love Song ‘Jaane Kyu’

In a musical treat for fans, DJ Ravish has just released his latest love song, ‘Jaane Kyu.’ The track features the enchanting model Deepika Singh, adding visual allure to the soulful melody. Composed by DJ Ravish himself, the song is written by Sachin Muzic, who also lends his voice to the romantic lyrics.

The music video tells the heartwarming story of a waiter captivated by a beautiful girl in his cafe. The narrative takes viewers on a journey of love and imagination as the waiter envisions a dream sequence where the stunning girl becomes his girlfriend. However, the dream shatters when he realizes the girl has left the cafe, leaving his romantic aspirations unfulfilled.

‘Jaane Kyu’ marks DJ Ravish’s third music video, following the success of ‘G Faad’ and ‘Gully Gully Mein,’ the latter amassing over 1 million views on YouTube. The overwhelming response from viewers showcases DJ Ravish’s ability to strike the right chords with his audience.

DJ Ravish, not resting on his laurels, has ambitious plans for the future. With approximately 10 unreleased songs in his arsenal, he is steadily working on shooting music videos for these tracks. In addition to his original compositions, DJ Ravish remains occupied with official remixes and live shows, promising a continuous flow of musical delights for his fans.

‘Jaane Kyu’ adds another feather to DJ Ravish’s cap, solidifying his position as a versatile artist in the music industry. As he continues to explore new avenues, fans can expect more heartfelt compositions and captivating visuals in the days to come.



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