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Aamir Khan Credits Ex-Wife Kiran Rao for Offering Insights on His Shortcomings as a Husband Post Divorce: ‘Tum Bolte Bahut Ho

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s announcement of their divorce in 2021 came as a surprise after 15 years of marital harmony. However, their enduring bond as close friends, colleagues, and co-parents to their 13-year-old son, Azad, has been heartening. The pair recently collaborated for “Lapaataa Ladies” and are actively promoting the film together. Aamir shared a candid insight into his separation from Kiran, revealing that he sought feedback from her following their divorce.

During his address at ABP Network’s Ideas of India Summit, the “3 Idiots” actor recounted the thought-provoking conversation. Aamir expressed, “Here is an interesting anecdote: We recently got divorced, as you all may be aware. In the evening, after we called it quits, I asked Kiran, ‘What did I lack as a husband? How can I do moving forward?’” Emphasizing the importance of open communication and personal growth in relationships, he disclosed Kiran’s response to his query. Kiran, armed with a list of grievances, playfully insisted, “She said, ‘Yes, write it down,’ and made me take note of her complaints. ‘You talk a lot. You don’t let others speak. You are stuck on your point.’ I wrote down 15-20 points!”

Aamir’s openness and self-awareness have resonated with his fans, prompting varied reactions on social media. While some appreciate his honesty, others have questioned why this conversation didn’t take place before their divorce.

“Laapataa Ladies,” produced under Aamir Khan Production (APK) and Kiran’s Kindling Productions, marks Kiran’s return to directing after a 14-year hiatus. She revealed that Aamir had discovered the story at a screenwriting competition in 2018 and generously allowed her and her team to produce the film under his banner. This collaborative effort highlights their continued partnership in the realm of filmmaking, showcasing their professionalism and mutual respect. Stay tuned to know more about the couple only with us and if you have anything to share, do let us know by commenting below.

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