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Divyam Agarwal is showing people what it means to be a successful artist in the entertainment industry

Divyam Agarwal

Divyam Agarwal is one of the biggest artists and influencers at just 20 years of age. Divyam Agarwal’s deep-rooted passion and interest in music started way back in school. He participated in countless Singing competitions and won more than 100 prizes during his school time. Thus, his dream of producing music is finally turning into reality. Imagine the amount of charisma held by this young man. His vision is strong and farsighted. He knows the most profitable industry is the entertainment industry. He, therefore, has set his best foot forward in the entertainment industry being an artist. He has already made a big name for him. Just imagine, few years down the line where would Divyam Agarwal’s name reach.

One of Divyam Agarwal’s biggest contributions to the entertainment industry is Deevs MP3, an artist management and marketing agency. Deevs MP3’s collaboration with several artists and celebs has gained a lot of attention and he has even released numerous hits during his musical career. Divyam’s songs are quite popular among the charts. We are excited for his next release, his second collaboration with Ashrul Hussain in the song Ye Jaan Tere Naam. The project has already been anticipated as a hit that you would not want to miss out on.

It’s not the age that matters but the experience that makes a person more polished in their profession in addition to dedication and hard work. With a marvelous track record with some of the biggest celebs and influencers, he has gained a lot of experience while he continues to work.  We sure expect nothing less coming from Divyam Agarwal. His work speaks volumes about his personality and work ethic. However, in spite of attaining such success, he has never failed to show kindness and warm behavior. This shows how dedicated Divyam Agarwal actually is; to him, building connections and making entertaining content is far more important than keeping a wide profit margin.

Apart from being a constant in the entertainment industry, Divyam Agarwal also has two other ventures namely The Real Preneur and Swagger Deevs under his name. However, his persona as an artist is the strongest. We are pretty sure that, once you hear his music tracks, you would become his loyal fan forever. For that, all you need to do is connect to him on all his social media handles linked below in this article. Always keep an eye on those social platforms to stay updated with all the new, fun, and exciting things Divyam has to offer.

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