Capt Rohanneet Is Flying High In His Career, Says “Use Your Roadbloacks As Stepping Stones To Success”

Capt Rohanneet
Capt Rohanneet

Capt. Rohanneet Singh Raina is the first person from Jammu and Kashmir to receive approval on the Non-Scheduled Operator Permit from the Ministry of Civil Aviation. It was one of his biggest dreams he achieved and is proud of. But the journey of flying at the top hasn’t been a cakewalk for the Captain.

Reminiscing profound memories of his childhood, Rohanneet would gaze Modiluft and Indian Airlines in the hope to one day become a pilot. At the age of 18, he left home to train and acquire Private Pilot License (PPL) in Canada. He further completed obtaining CPL Commercial Pilot License from India. In 2018 his life changed when he received an offer to act as a COO of an organisation, Kashmir Air Services. As a COO of Kashmir Air Service, he got commendable support from Ministry of Civil Aviation, where he successfully received approval on Non-Scheduled Operator Permit (Air Taxi Permit). He adds, “The entire process of procuring approval on NSOP was rather facile, under the leadership of Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi”.

In July 2019, he brought laurels to KAS by purchasing a Piper Seneca PA-34, A twin-engine aircraft with a seating capacity of six from Chimes Aviation Academy in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, an acclaimed pilot training institute of India. Capt. Rohanneet lives with his maternal grandmother in Delhi. He considers his granny the biggest inspiration of his life. Rohanneet’s mother, who stays in Jammu, also played a huge part in his achievements. Capt. Rohanneet shares, “I dedicate and owe my success to my maternal grandparents and my mother. It is because of their immense support and trust in me, I am able to fly high in my career.”

Capt. Rohanneet has worked hard to succeed in his career, despite many challenges. He made numerous hours on multiple aircrafts, thus amounting to a vast experience in flying.
“After obtaining the required education, I could’ve joined an airline as a line pilot, but I always wanted to thrive to do something unique in my career.” He acclaims, “In life, there will always be obstacles ahead of us. But we shouldn’t be affected by them. Use these roadblocks as stepping stones and see how you achieve all your dreams and success.”

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