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Direct Ishq First Day Box Office Prediction

In a busy Friday wherein you have too many releases movies like Direct Ishq had little chance to survive. The average rating, the low buzz in the media, the low star value and too many options before the audience makes things worse for the film. The competition lay down by films including Loveshudda and Neerja too cannot expect a good collection for this film is something weird. The film started with low buzz in the media gave a negligible kind of occupancy for the audience. Though it went on to give some amount of occupancy but the collection at the end of the day isn’t that great over the box office.

As per reports, the first day box office collection for Direct Ishq didn’t even cross one crore mark and similar trend is expected in the coming first weekend of the film. After all, it’s a busy Friday wherein you can find too much of the competition giving a tough fight for the films. Thus the mullah you get with this film will certainly be low. Also, remember that the film had limited amount of screens with such a low buzz in the media. Hence expecting from such films would be an exercise to futility.

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