Digital Marketing Influencer Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksaraei’s Secret On How He Became Rich REVEALED!

Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksaraei
Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksaraei

The world is finally getting into the digital zone. From teenagers to working-class people, every individual is glued to the concept of social media and why not? It has helped in gaining popularity and earn money in millions. The name who is currently making waves is Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksarae, who is a digital marketing influencer and a web expert. He was born on June 29, 1985, in Qaemshahr, Iran and was raised in Tehran. He comes from an engineering background with specializing in computer engineering. However, after his graduation, he immigrated to Turkey and started working in a completely different field.

Kianoush ventured into the business of import and export in business and raked in a lot of moolah. Gradually, he enlarged his business and set up his offices in Turkey and India. Moreover, he also made a significant investment in real estate which turned out to be a profitable move for him. While speaking about how he made money quickly he said, “After moving to Turkey, I had made my mind to make money in a short period. I kept myself open to any business opportunities which would give me good financial returns. That’s when I thought to keep my work of marketing aside and focus more on minting money.” We must say that was the right decision and a wise move by him.
Apart from this, he always took out time from his busy schedule and did selective work as a freelance digital marketing expert for the renowned companies in Turkey. The money he earned through the import and export business saw him starting his own influencer marketing company and his excellent marketing campaigns helped him gain more than 100 clients digitally. When it comes to digital marketing, Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksarae is a synonymous name one that comes to everyone’s mind.
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