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Digging deep into the movie Lastbenchers

Lastbenchers Movie 2014

The movie Lastbenchers is the upcoming 2014 romantic comedy, which is based on 4 young
men. All these guys have one thing in common, they remained at the last in their academic
lives but when it comes to facing Life, they remained courageous and steadfast. As they enter
the real life, instead of throwing tantrums they led inspiring examples in their society. With
their steel of nerves, they were able to defy all the odds and stand steady and strong against all
adversaries in their lives. They may have failed in proving their worth before their teachers and
mentors; however, all of them were seen coming in flying colours in the real life.
That’s the epitome of Lastbenchers. The film answers the most patent question, who triumphs
in his or her life- a meritorious student in his/her academics or the ones having the true
grit tops the race? Prajakt Rebeloma – the producer, director and actor of this film has
addressed this question in one of the most incredible ways, thus making it as an inspiring tale
for both youngsters and adults. He has gorgeously articulated a number of true incidences
in Lastbenchers with a blend of comedy, romance and other interesting elements, which
together makes it a must movie for everyone. Unlike his previous short film – Best Language,
Lastbenchers too is a heart touching film, which, will certainly going to impact every section of
our audience.
The movie is all about the four young boys who are seen battling against the age old norm
of merit simply end up creating their own niche areas to sustain in the society. Though being
pissed off in their rough ruts, they do not give up, but strive hard to create their own niche
areas. The film gorgeously showcases their struggle tales against all the hardships with
unusual way outs. Their struggle teach them an important lesson, it’s not the unruly condition,
which can bar them away to achieve their goal but the failure of mind that can deter away in
achieving in their lives. So, in other words, tough time never last but tough time do is the crux
of their struggle.
The film has more in its stock. You can unleash some good songs in it, which can be
downloaded from the web ( Besides, you have everything, which makes
this film fitting for all. Yes it has cool drama, sweet romance, unflinching comedy, soothing
music, irresistible cinematography, etc. In order word, it’s a perfect recipe of entertainment,
education and self awareness for any section of audience evident in our society. So, enjoy
watching when it hits the theatres!

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