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Dhoom 3 First Day collection and Movie Review

The DHOOM day with amazing Dhoom – 3 release

Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya

What’s Good: The raw and high end action sequence, the slot perfect bike adventures and thrills with mostly great writing have lacked in all the earlier editions.

What’s Bad: Too long 3 Hours, the film has been stretched too much but the main advantage is that it’s never boring. However, the amateurish love plot between Aamir and Katrina could be avoided.

Dhoom 3 is a must watch. Breathtakingly conceptualized, shot and gorgeous cinematography, the edition is pitched quite high than the previous films in terms of excitements and mostly about the strong soul. The movie has pitched and contributed in the defining moments of the Bollywood history by spreading the magic of technology.
There are all the sophisticated gadgets and technology which has seamlessly decorated together but a perfect story to crackle and associate with the masses!

The story kick starts with the Great Indian Circus history in Chicago that is mortgaged Chicago (Western) Bank who’s owner Iqbal is (Jackie Shroff) who has found an amazing trick of encouraging the bankers yet who loses the draw unfortunately.
Star Performances.

Aamir’s character is ultimate and less to talk about him is the key. Overall, Aamir Khan appears quite sincere in any role and work he does. Every shade of the role is defined, performed with smoothness, perfection and ease.
Katrina Kaif is very beautiful in each frame. Her dance and acts are perfect and attractive. However the role written does not has that emotion and meat. Abhishek Bachchan has always played good as Jai Dixit role, blending well with the film. Uday Chopra’s performance is engaging. God always bless him with the comic attitude which adds humor to the film. Without him, Dhoom could be distastefully somber and brooding.

Dhoom 3 : The Last Word

Dhoom 3 is majestic and a spectacular film. The film keeps you on the emotional prowess of the slots. The film moves with slick action and is awe striking. This movie isn’t without flaws but the frames are excellent enough to enchant you. It has all elements of the commercial film, mainly the ability to grasp audience interest. Cool thieves too are quite vulnerable so in that way Dhoom 3 is perfect winner. A bang on Job!

Source : Koimoi

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