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What is the Deepika’s Cleavage Row controversy all about?

Deepika Padukone Cleavage Controversy

Bollywood is among the most happening places in this world, wherein controversies and fiascos are waiting to happen. Thanks to the glam and stardom the Tinsel Town encompasses, which has made this place the centre of attraction not only by the media but also by a wide range of fans, followers and lovers of the number of Bollywood stars. Hence, you would find media leaving no stone unturned to cover these B Town celebrities. At times, covering the lives and happenings of B Town actors can even invite rage and retaliations from the celebrities, unlike what you would feel see from the Deepika Cleavage controversy wherein a leading newspaper Times of India has covered Deepika with a headline- ‘Oh My God- Deepika Padukone’s Cleavage Show’ brought irk from the actress. Well, let’s check how and what really transpired between this particular controversy as under:

The Cleavage controversy insight

Let’s dig deep down to find out what this controversy is all about? Recently, Times of India, the leading newspaper released a link on its website at its photo gallery section, which was completely devoted to Deepika Padukone, covering its cleXvage on Twitter. The national daily called as Dippy’s cleXvage show. The clip showcased the leggy lass beauty wearing a low cut dress, which was designed by Anaita Shroff Adajania for the trailer launch of her last year blockbuster movie called Chennai Express. As per the reports, it was the second time, when TOI has covered her and her attires in a negative light. The only difference these two have is that latest one comes with a blunt reaction from the female actress of Tinsel Town.

Deepika Padukone’s reaction

To this photo with the heading DP’s Cleavage Show, the leggy lass’ fierce reaction was witnessed over her microblogging site called Twitter. Her reaction was very much fierce and blunt wherein she was seen saying that she is a woman and has a breast along with the cleXvage, and the site should not have any problem. She further went on expressing her rage and anger asking to stop talking about women empowerment when the media doesn’t know the way to respect the women. She continued lambasting the TOI site with its screen grab of the newspaper and questioning, whether such stuff can be called as a news by India’s leading newspaper.

The Support from Film Fraternity

No sooner did Deepika showcase her rage and anger over Twitter, a slew of Bollywood actors surfaced giving her support in this issue. All the actors were seen talking in chorus castigating the leading newspaper and standing up for the leggy lass. Both celebrities and her fans took this opportunity to support the Chennai Express actress under the hastag trend called #IstandWithDeepikaPadukone. Karan Johar was the first one to react wherein he said that he was appalled, shocked and disgusted to see the way media treats woman, he further applauded Deepika for taking such a stance. Even the hunk of B Town who was out to Malaysia too took time to support the B Town beauty calling it as cheap sensational journalism and further applauded the lady for her stance. The others in the row, who all supported include Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh (the alleged boy friend of Deepika), Anushka Sharma, Farah Khan, Boman Irani and Homi Adajania along with other known and unknown people.

Times of India’s reaction

It was a panic stricken scenario for Times Of India, as the newspaper was at the receiving end. However, despite all the odd and rage, the leading daily reacted that the newspaper was actually complementing the leggy beauty and not disgracing her in anyway. However, many from the Deepika’s camp reputed to this statement issued by the Time of India calling at a fallacious and absurd content to note at.

Is this a Marketing Gimmick?

With a controversy created in the media, an obvious question appears – what makes this subject so contagious especially for a lady who has been wearing such revealing attires in broad day light and dusky light times too often. Many in the media sniff something fishy about the timing of this fierce reaction from Deepika Padukone as this is not the first time when she is covered in this fashion. The timing of the controversy suits the release of her movie Finding Fanny and her upcoming movie Happy New Year. Perhaps reacting at this juncture wherein she has one movie (Finding Fanny) running in the theatres, while the other (Happy New Year) all set to hit this coming Friday is interesting to note. Her reaction has certainly created the buzz for her, which eventually would also benefit her movies. Hence amidst this cleXvage controversy, one can sniff something fishy, which can be called as a marketing gimmick thing for the B Town actress.

Wrapping up

With her outrageous reaction on the recent Times of India photos, Deepika seems to have garnered a good response from her fans and Bollywood celebrities. In this male dominated film industry, is this a new wave to woman empowerment in B Town or is it a sheer marketing gimmick, is a big question to ask.

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  1. Even if Padukone and the film industry’s reaction is Marketing Gimmick, it was possible only due to TOI indulging in Cheap Sensational Journalism.

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