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Deepika suggests Katrina not to marry Ranbir


Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor always shared a good chemistry both on screen and off screen. The two separated on the off screen, when Ranbir Kapoor didn’t get the nod of his mother for the leggy lass. Both Ranbir and Dippy were seen moving ahead in their lives, the former chose Katrina Kaif as they came closer while working with the film Ajab Gajab Ki Prem Kahani, while the leggy lass were seen hooked to Ranveer Singh another known hunk of B Town. The Happy New Year actress were seen commenting on the recent rumour of Ranbir and Katrina wishing them all the best, however, she has something different to advise Kat.

As per sources close to her, Deepika Padukone has advised Katrina Kaif not to marry the Kapoor lad. The fact is when someone asked her what according to her should Kat be doing about Ranbir, she promptly suggested not to Marry Ranbir Kapoor, so it was not the personal and serious kind of advice did she had given to Katrina but has promptly seen saying when one of the journalist was seen posing that question at the recently held Star Guild Awards 2015 in the city of dreams called Mumbai.

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