Monday, January 17, 2022
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Aamir Khan to sue a Pakistani News Website

Aamir to sue a pakistani website

Ever since the movie PK (Peekay) has released, the lead actor of the film Aamir Khan has been reported the most by the media. Even his single move or anything about the movie was reported by the media the very soon it occurred. At such juncture, catching an interview live for any media site, channel or tabloid would be a big deal to crack. In the recent time, a news site along with other websites based in Pakistan has embarked with a fake interview of Aamir Khan talking about his latest movie PK.

Aamir Khan really shocked to see such fabricated interview, which he never gave appeared in one of the news sites of Pakistan. As per reports, he was wrongly attributed for this interview, which is clearly an example of impersonating him, carried out with the intention of attracting traffic to the traffic. The legal firm DSK Legal, who deals the cases of Aamir Khan has sent a legal notice to this particular website for derogating the actor. Indeed, the violations like impersonation are among the serious infringement and hence the legal team of Aamir Khan is keen to take serious action against the portal. Aamir is currently in the United States and once back would be doing a criminal complaint with the concerned department – Cybercrime Cell, Mumbai Police.

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