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Deepika Padukone and her Journey in Bollywood So Far

Deepika Padukone and her journey

Deepika Padukone in her recent released movie – Piku has been phenomenal. In fact, with Piku, she has reached out at the peak of her career. In a span of seven years in Bollywood, she has come a long way. Starting her career with Farah Khan’s film Om Shanti Om wherein she played the super-star with a double role, she emerged as one of the most promising actress in B Town. She is known as practical, pragmatic and peppy, she believes in teamwork and find every element of filmmaking responsible to get a hit movie. With every performance, she has made her stardom very much stable in B Town and time has come when even her critics compare with other powerhouses of acting. Though she likes doing romantic and comedy movies, yet she doesn’t want to restrict to the said genres. This is the very reason, why you see her trying different genre films, which eventually make her a versatile actor. Reaching on the zenith of the best performance, digging deep inside her career would be a worthy exercise, how about looking at her career a closer look:

Actor Par Excellent

Deepika Padukone is applauded for a couple of things and to name a few, she is the emerging feminist actress, a truly emancipated kind of Bollywood role model and a woman everyone would like to associate with.With her recently released movie, Piku, her performance speaks for itself. Even while working with one of the veterans actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan, she was never seen getting overshadowed by any of these actors. In her performance, she stood dominating despite sharing the screen with one of the most skilled and experienced actors of B Town. The director of Piku was confident to see such incredible performance from the leggy lass, which makes him call the actress the contemporary feminist heroine from B Town.

Queen of 100 Crore Club

She is among the most bankable stars in B Town. Apart from giving some of the remarkable performances in almost all her movies, she has made her films do cool collections over the box office. She has a long list of movies, which turned top earners in B Town and some even entered the 100 crore club. The movies include Happy New Year, Chennai Express, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Love Aaj Kal and Cocktail. Though all these movies had bankable male leads, yet with her increidble performance, she too remained an important attraction along with the Khans (SRK & Saif) and Kapoors. She wasnt there for any song or dance but displayed more than that, which helped the film to get attractive elements in it.

The Most Preferred Choice as a Brand Endorser

In a short span of time, she is successful enough to create a good brand in the market. This has made a number of brands trying her to rope in as their brand ambassador. Currently, she represents around 15 different leading brands of national and international repute. As per the Celeb Endorsement Data given by TAM Adex, she is among the top celebrity endorser of 2014. As per the recent buzz, she has managed to secure six crores from endorsing the Cola brand, which is perhaps the highest figure charged by any female celebrity. Some of the leading brands, which has endorsed include Asian Paints, Nescafe, Parachute and Tissot.

A Woman who Stands for What She Believes

Though the world has failed to have agreed with her choice of film like the one from Homi Adjania, but she dared to be the part of a film, which talks about vital issues that women are seen facing in the society. She was seen saying that though she didn’t agree on certain things, however, agreed as thought that they were important to convey the larger picture of the issue. She stands truly for women empowerment and an actress who can stand for anything, which she believes in. Similar was the story with the Times of India episode when stood on her words despite being insulted by the National Daily on the cleXvage issue.

An Actress with Strong Will Power

In a world when celebrities prefer to live dual life, she is one of the celebs who remain transparent about her relationship and mental trauma, which she underwent during the making of Happy New Year. She openly came out and discussed about her mental illness without any hesitation or hitch at length. She stood up against all odds and depression with greater amount of positivity and soon was seen getting away from the same.

Wrapping up

Starting her career with the sports of badminton to modelling and then acting, she has come a long way. Every film she has done has turned out to be a hallmark in terms of her performance and dexterity. Every few actresses in B Town are able to achieve this what she in an age of 29 and that too a duration of mere 8 years she has received. She has tread a long path in limited amount of time emerging as a skilled actress and smart businesswoman who also has the heart for social activism.

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