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Decoding Shah Rukh Khan’s Strategic Box Office Move: Was Dunki Ready to Release Before Jawan?

Do you remember the time in 2018 when Zero faced a major setback, leading many to speculate about the future of Shah Rukh Khan’s career? People doubted if he could make a successful comeback from that point, with some even suggesting that Zero would be his final film. Fast forward to 5 years later, and Shah Rukh Khan has proven everyone wrong by becoming the only Indian actor to surpass the 2500 crore mark in a single year.

It’s a comeback story worthy of a master storyteller, and the year 2023 will forever be significant for Shah Rukh Khan for all the right reasons. Not only did he deliver two consecutive blockbusters that grossed over 1000 crores each, but he also released a third film that is steadily making its way towards the prestigious 400-crore club. It’s a strategic move that nobody could have predicted.

Now, let’s ponder on whether the order of releasing these three films (Pathaan, Jawan & Dunki) was a masterstroke. Would the box office numbers have been the same if Dunki had come after Zero? Did Shah Rukh Khan make a brilliant move by saving his supposedly weakest film for last? Let’s delve into the analysis and find out.

Pathaan (2020-2022): The whispers of a YRF-SRK collaboration started in August 2020, initially sparking rumors of a “Dhoom” revival. However, clarity arrived in January 2021 with the official shoot launch, concluding in October 2022.

Jawan (2021-2023): In a surprising twist, Atlee’s Jawan overlapped with Pathaan’s filming. Jawan’s journey began in September 2021 and wrapped up on July 21st, 2023. Notably, within a mere 30 months (January 2021-July 2023), SRK completed both Pathaan and Jawan!

Dunki (2020-2023): The “Hirani-SRK dream team” news broke as early as February 2020, solidifying in July 2021. Though the official teaser launch was in April 2022, the film, shot within a tight budget, wrapped up by April 2023 in just 75 days (SRK contributing 60).

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