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Dawat E Ishq – Khoobsurat first week box office collections till date

The most awaited movies of the years ‘Khoobsurat and ‘Dawat E Ishq seems to be clashing with each other in Bollywood industry, movies which are trending in Bollywood, social media and news as well, like a shiny star in the moon. Nonetheless, if we talk about grabbing and impressing the audience then both seems to be on the track where anyone can get confused by picking up the winner amongst both.

Wasting no time, getting on to the topic regarding the collection of both the movies one by one separately, but before that you might be thinking which movie actually wins the race of box office collection don’t you? So, just check out these, despite by the fact that movies were released on the same day itself but amongst both surprisingly ‘Dawat-E-Ishq’ is leading with a huge gap of difference depicting to be more than 17 Crores i.e. 4 Crores more than ‘Khoobsurat’ which is still in the race by 13 Crores plus in first week. Although if we talk about the reviews of both the movies then the audience response were like somewhat up to the point of ‘Diplomatic’ but in the end it’s ‘Dawat-E-Ishq’ who’s is still on the lead. Stay on the latest updates i.e. the battle between both the movies.

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