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Dara Singh’s photos were found in temples as Hanuman, people started worshiping as God


Many TV serials were made on Ramayana, but Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana created a history that probably will not be forgotten for many decades. Producer-director Ramanand Sagar is particularly known for ‘Ramayana’. Every character in this serial was special in itself. Where Ram was played by Arun Govil while Rambhakt Hanuman was played by Dara Singh.

Actor and wrestler Dara Singh, born on 19 November 1928, died on 12 July in Mumbai at the age of 84. Dara Singh of strong stature was fond of wrestling since childhood and later earned a lot of name in it. He also became world champion.

Due to this wrestling, he was offered many films in Bollywood. In the 50s, Dara Singh also started working in films. His last film was in 2007 ‘Jab We Met’. He was also awarded the Best Actor Award from the Government of India for the film ‘Jagga’.

He also worked in television serials. Dara Singh played Hanuman in the hit serial Ramayana. He became so popular with this show that people started worshiping him as Hanuman. Ramanand Sagar telephoned Dara Singh to play Hanuman. At that time, Dara Singh was 60 years old.

After doing this show, there came a time when photographs of him as Hanuman started being placed in temples. His idol was started placing in temples. Dara Singh was also paid a hefty amount for this role. Let me tell you that Dara Singh has worked in more than 100 Hindi-Punjabi films.

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