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Court Movie Trailer – A Movie Exploring the Blindness of Law

Isn’t like as soon as you glance on the title of the movie ‘Court, the very next thing that might have clicked your mind was surely like, the movie full of law and justice, isn’t? Of course we knew it, what you must be thinking. But, if it is so, then kindly remove such thoughts from your mind firstly and secondly getting back to theme of the movie. A movie which grabbed a National Award with it’s response is finally got triggered and will touch the silver screens soon. Featuring some unknown but interesting characters that we may love to watch them.

Let’s get back to the stunning part about the trailer, but before we light up that, we are eager to ask you a simple question. Can we? So, have you ever heard off that a singer is behind the jail just because a fellow person died irrespective of some other reason but unfortunately in the end the singer incited for a murder with a foolish reason of listing songs. We know it’s nothing but a crazy thing to read, however the movie theater explores the same right here..

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