Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Barefoot To Goa Trailer – A Lesson To Be Learnt From Childhood Kids

Barefoot To Goa

Think it twice before you dare to watch the trailer. Do you feel this is something crazy? Nope not at all. A trailer that can surely make you cry with the emotions and feeling for a grandmother. This trailer is especially for those who are still betraying there loving and caring parents. A trailer that teaches us a lesson from a teen age, with the uniqueness in the theme catches before you’re late to grab it. ‘Barefoot To Goa – a movie to make each one of us realize a true value of love of our parents seems to create a stunning impression just with the release of it’s trailer. Featuring some little childhood kids the trailer will surely catch fire.

Coming on to the trailer part, then here you will initially catch a very old lady who’s suffering from a dangerous and killing disease cancer. However, after every few days writes up a letter to his son for her eagerness to stay along with her family. Whereas if we talk about the son, well settled in Mumbai along with his wife and two little kids but always in a mood to ignore the letters. But, the most interesting part get triggered when the two little kids feels a pain for their grandmother and hence in such a childhood age leave their home just to bring their grandmother back in Mumbai. Isn’t something really interesting? Of course it is, so catch the feel of love right here..

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